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Robbie Moffitt is a native to Asheboro, N.C. and has the true interest of his customers at the top of his list. By starting this business he wanted to help the average joe and "good ole boys" no matter if you have a classic left down from generation to generation or even if you didn't want to break the bank Robbie can have your boat, car, or any recreational vehicle back to it shinning colors and you will have something to be proud of. He can also install new equipment from depth finders to shallow water anchors all at a reasonable price. 

Meet the MAN behind Robbie's Touch. This is Mr. Robbie Ray Moffitt, He has been fishing his whole life and has been around boats since he was born. He is the "go to" guy in our family and he is the one that all the boys look to for ANY and ALL fishing and hunting knowledge. 

He is a hard working man, very detailed oriented and prides himself in spending quality time on his work. He believes in working long hours and making his customers the happiest they can be.

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